Price list

Apex Dental Price list


Routine Checkup
Panormic X-Ray
This is a 2D full mouth X-Ray
Periapical or one side Bitewing X-Ray
For a set of bitewings 2 are required
Implant Consultation
This is free if the implant treatment is done or else deducted from the implant bill if decided later
This is a 3D X-Ray of the mouth and a copy is given on request by wetransfer. This X-Ray is very important for implant planning and is free of charge if Implant surgery is done.

Hygiene /Cleaning and Teeth Whitening

Routine Hygiene session
Scaling and polishing, This should be done every 6 months
Perio Laser
This is a periodontal treatment usually done in 4 sessions and is very helpful to treat periodontal disease. Price is for every session.
Fissure sealing
This is done mostly on the molars along the fissures as a preventive measure. Price is for each tooth.
Whitening home kits
Bleaching trays which are custom made for the patients are included.
Removal of fixed prosthesis and cleaning
This is important for patients with a full arch all on 4 implant system or also known as Toronto bridge. This should be done every 6 months
Fluoride Application
In House teeth whitening
This is usually a 90 min session whereonly branded products are used such as beyond or Zoom

Crowns and Bridgework

Crowns, metal/porcelain
these crowns although highly aesthetic will have a porcelain outer shell and metal from inside
Lab made Temporary crowns
Removal of existing Bridgework from
The cost of this depends on the state of the bridge and the work involved
Full Porcelain crowns/Zirconia
Variable full porcelain crowns are available although same price
Post and Core Build up

Cosmetic Veneers

Porcelain Veneers
Composite Veneers
This would include a lab made wax-up and veneers will be made as a replica of the wax-up
Composite Veneers
This is done with highly aesthetic composite and freehand


Fillings vary according to the size of the cavity and the amount of composite used. All composites are high quality materials.
Removal of Amalgam Filling Under Rubberdam
Restoration of Deciduous Teeth
Choice of material depends on co operation of patient and also size of cavity
Composite filling
This does not include posts if required


Prices are within a wide range in this category as there are many variables
Implant complete with crown
This all depends on the type of iimplant, type of abutment or type of crown
Toronto Bridge all on 4
This is the full arch bridge prosthesis on 4 implants.
Implant Retained Removable denture with 3 implants and bar
This is best removable option for upper arch
Crown/Pontic on implant
Implant retained removable Denture
This works by locators and will have 2 implants, all included. This is good for lower arch only.

Extraction and Surgery

Extraction from
This does not include any radiographs that might be required
Wisdom tooth Surgical extraction
This does not include any radiographs that might be required
Surgical Extraction from
This includes retained roots and heavily broken teeth. This does not include any radiographs that might be required

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Anterior Teeth
This includes the filling but not the post if required.
Re Root Canal treatment
This is when we have to root treat a tooth that has already a root canal done.
Root Canal Treatment Posterior Teeth
This includes the filling but not the post if required.


Full Upper/ Lower Acrylic dentures
Flexible Dentures Partial
Meaning 3 teeth and less.
Chrome Cobalt dentures
Partial Acrylic Dentures
More than 3 teeth is considered as a full denture.
Flexible dentures more than 3 teeth

Orthodontic Treatment & Miscellaneous

Soft Splint 2mm
Michigan Splint
Clear Correct Treatment from
Invisable Aligners
Soft Splint 4mm
Invisalign Treatment from
Invisable Aligners
Fixed Upper and lower orthodontic appliance from
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